The "Art of Investment" is an accounting based study of binary betting. Casinos profit with their accounting systems and are the best instructors of accounting based betting.  Their systems are not obvious to most but transparent to accountants. You can build a synthetic casino with the real casino providing facilities and financial services.
Books by Larry D. Haight, PhD

The Art of Investment is a selection of alternate futures to produce profits. Some casino table games offer the purest form of investment, a stylized presentation of an investment opportunity that is more nearly equal than will be found outside the casino. The casino hosts the table game and to repay their costs, places a “handling” charge on bets being made. The method of collection (“mordita”) varies from game to game, and accounting is slightly different for each game.

Small amounts of money are bet repeatedly. Results are delivered randomly. About 49% of bets are successful and about 51% are not. Risk (probability of loss) is known before each and every bet. The “time of turn” on a bet is generally about one minute. Putting a bet is simple. Profiting from bets is not. Most bettors undershoot the complexity of betting random events resulting in losses.

After excepting mordita which recovers the cost of hosting the table game, on average, the casino consistently profits more from a table game than the sum of all of the bettors, and there is a reason: the casino accounting system.

The books are published as eBooks on Kindle and as paperbacks on Amazon. You may find both eBooks and paperbacks at (and order from) my author's page:

EBooks are cheaper and have the advantage of being almost instantly available. A paperback is more durable and you will want to refer to these books for years.

What is in my books to make them different from others?

The books are written from an accounting perspective; they change red ink to black. Accountancy does not change that a bet has a 50% chance of success, but does show how to make this profitable.

Every book describes the anatomy of game stucture and development of accounting for specific casino table games. You will learn why (and when) to bet in Round Robin Rotation format; the difference between lineal and binary betting; the differences between defense, attack and hybrid betting systems; win retention and loss recovery betting; variable interval loss recovery and color change loss recovery betting; bet selectors and friendly betting algorithms; cumulative bank resets and the amount of "buy-in" bank to control a game. Finally, each game book describes the business conditions formula and how to set up your betting business for each game

An investor bettor does not bet as much as eight times the base bet (unless betting attack). You will learn "Tic-Tac-Toe, 3 losses in a row" where the largest bet put is three chips. You will learn "All Weather" a color changing binary routine where the largest bet put is four chips. Accounting based betting does not require risking of large amounts of money.

You approach each game as a betting professional and if you don't know that you will win, you don't go to a casino. This is what makes these books different from all of the others.

Eighty percent of Internet casinos are dishonest or will not pay. An Internet casino may be the only betting venue available. Only bet with money in an Internet casino that offers live games (via webcam). Do not bet an electronic game.  Only bet in a casino known to pay winnings. The following Internet casinos are known to have never missed a payout of winnings and deliver some games live via webcam.

Fortune Jack Casino is a legal betting venue for US bettors because betting is in fractions of a Bitcoin, a form of cyber currency not considered as US dollars.

Had I believed any other similar book about investment betting existed, I would not have published. When you read one of my books, you will know how that particular game can become a wage earner. Read them in good wealth.

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Larry D. Haight, PhD